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Ryan Kopf

Hi, I'm Ryan Kopf.

Ryan Kopf's Bio:

I am the Chief Executive Officer of and it's many related events and properties. In addition, I am Chief Technology Officer of event management services and technology companies, and an experienced Internet developer in Ruby on Rails, PHP, and custom developed and commercial CMS systems. Professional business administrator and operations manager. Specialties: Expert level knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, Ruby on Rails, MySQL, Perl, Java, and Linux.

I even created a TV show called Ryan Kopf, World Takeover, that aired on TV for a while. I also hosted a Ryan Kopf Nerdcore Music radio show for a short time while attending the University.

Ryan Kopf's Experience:

Ryan Kopf's Education:

Ryan Kopf's Interests & Activities:

Computer Science, Video Games, Education, Politics, Nerdcore Music, Nerdcore, Anime Conventions, Comic Conventions, Anime Cons

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